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Science student has some problem to understand, how a solar cell works and they also seek science assignments,
so I'm just creating a  small blog on it.
this will help to understand a little bit about solar cell working 

so the first question arises in your mind what is solar and its manufacturing?

It is a device which converts light energy into electrical energy.


It works on the same principle as photodiode except for the  fact that no battery connected across it
the solar cell works in 3 steps:

  1. as soon as radiation of suitable frequency is incident on the region of the depletion layer with energy (hv>Eg) gap. electrons and holes are separated in the depletion region 
  2. Due to the electrical field of depletion layer holes move towards the p-type end and electrons move towards the n-type end.
  3. A potential difference is created (p-type end attains higher potential and n-type end attains lower potential) therefore a current flow in the outer circuit which can be obtained across the loop resistance. 

The material used for making solar cells:

  • High light absorbing ability 
  • the energy gap between the conduction band and valence band should be 1e.V -1.8e.V.
  • cost should be minimum and easily available
  • electrical conductive
Junction area kept large for solar radiation to be incident because it gives more power.

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