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Causes of Air Pollution

As the population increases land area decreases and Now I'm thinking up that there will be a great devastation soon ,also as the no. of peoples increase  in particular areas no. of needs of vehicles increase and every person wants to come on time, every person wants cars or a motorcycle not just for there own needs but also because as technology goes on high.

Photo by edwin josé vega ramos from Pexels

 people have a keen to use them because these types of vehicles are well affordable and adorable at the cheap price. and this increased size of vehicles on the road is creating a worst on land and air pollution also our government is creating new policies for controlling these kinds of pollution problems.

so we all should think about it and everyone who belongs to this world should have positive thinking about these major causes or problems and what is harming them and their surroundings. Every person should have an awareness of these things.

we should take a great and a more precise and appropriate step towards it.
So I wanted you to be involved in the protection of the world and this nature and your mother earth, Don't rely on someone that they will come and cure the problem. It's you, and only you who can stop this.

In my last year, I have visited twice in Bangalore and once Tamilnadu and I have been seeing and feeling nature's goods and fresh/pure air.
and then I came back to Delhi and every time I realised that there is so much air pollution that I have noticed and even don't breath in it.

 So as I'm a science, I'm thinking that I should have done something for this problem and I'm not waiting for someone who will do it for me.
So now I'm initiating every measure that I should take.
and my first measure is that I'm motivating you to do this or letting you think and apply your brain in your spare time.

I'm writing some blogs that will help you to understand such kind of problems now on trending. It's just an initiation and we all should take quick action so Be the QRF (Quick Reaction Force) and Now I'm again saying, Think upon it. Try to make or create some projects . "whatever it is no matter but keep doing work until success it will make you a legend"

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