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Now Your Car Won't Spread Pollution Anymore

Pollution produced by cars is not only dangerous for the environment. but can also be dangerous for us (human beings) and can create big problems. sometimes  you will have to pay for this
Why do car spreads pollution and how to be get rid of this?

Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash

Sources Of pollution by car:

Tuning of the engine:

 when the car's tuning gets disturbed so from that flow of fuel and its burn up process is also be dysfunction. This results in an increase in pollution.

Dysfunctioning of the  engine:

If the engine does not works properly, so that engine is not able to burn the fuel completely.
this oil consumption starts to increase. and then average starts to decrease that leads to an increase in pollution.together with consumption of petrol your pocket starts to get low in weight.

Mixed fuel:

 Mixed fuel is also a source of pollution, it affects the working of the engine by which car produces more pollution.

Dysfunctioning of sensors:

If any sensor of the car, unfortunately, stop working so affects the whole working of the car and the amount of pollution spreads by car gets an increase.

Spoilage of silicon rods:

Now modern cars come in catalytical converters which are a composite of silicon rods (helps in pollution control)
spoilage of these rods produces more pollution.

How will we know :

  • noise from engine
  • the decrease in car's average
  • stoppage of smoothness  while driving the car
  • more production of smog from car
  • dysfunctions of the sensor of the car

Bad effects of vehicle:

  • decreasement of the average car
  • the increased expense in fuel
  • harm to the environment

These measures will be helpful:

  • check the level of pollution in PUC
  • do check the average of a car if any error comes so cure it
  • repair the tuning of the car in the workshop
  • after  a complete clean of the fuel tank, refill the new fuel 
  • do the computerised scanning of engine
  • if catalytic converter gets disturbed then replace it.

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