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how to control pollution

We all have a concern about pollution increasing in our cities rapidly. Without taking a quick action there would be nothing left till 2045.

So there is something that you should know about.

Automobiles exhaust contain HC and NO and these play an important role in O3 and PAN formation in an urban environment.

Photo by Craig Adderley from Pexels

Control of Automobile Exhaust

Efficient engine (for example, multi-point fuel injection engine) can reduce the unburnt HC in auto-emissions. catalytic converter filters in the vehicle can convert NOx to nitrogen, reducing potential hazards of NOx. 

Good quality automobile fuels can also drastically reduce the toxic contamination in the exhaust.
Lead-free petrol can reduce the load in the exhaust. Automobile engines operate with compressed natural gas (CNG) have significantly lowered toxic contaminants in the exhaust.

New Government Policies:

Now our government facing so many challenges related to pollution
and now they provide subsidies on E- vehicles
 They think that in upcoming years Petrol and diesel vehicles will gonna with something costly (as mentioned for Niti Ayog in India) instead of it e-vehicles ( operates with the help of battery) will of low in price.