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Why are we failed to Establish the Labour Law in relation to Child Labouring

Photo by Artsy Solomon from Pexels

As we all know child labouring is a crime all around the world. and if you are hiring a child as labour in your company for your wellness and then accidentally you get caught, so you will be accused of doing that and later on you may go jail for 1-2 year.

So in simple child labour is refer to the exploitation of children through any kind of work and such exploitation is prohibited by legislation worldwide.

Also, not all children in India are lucky to enjoy their childhood many of them are forced to work under the inhuman condition that may be hazardous for their life. for example, in the dignity cell, industries etc.

The factor such as poverty, lack of social security, the increasing gap between the rich and poor have adversely affected the children. child labour has existed to a varying extent throughout history.

So we have been working on it continuously to establish the law against child labour.
we run NGO's and much more to raise awareness all around the world about child labouring

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