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Express Yourself Officially - A New Way To Express Yourself

This is something official.

Generally, a candidate or a person asked to tell about his Favourite thing /topic or anything
so how would he be express himself officially and how would he draw the attention of others?

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This is something authentic that I want to tell you in Brief.

Before start, I would rather tell you a fact :

"People can subconsciously become their favourite fictional characters.
Psychologists have discovered that while reading a book or story, people are prone to subconsciously adopt their behaviour, thoughts, beliefs and internal responses to that of a fictional character as if they were their own."

Okay, Let's come back to the main theme of this article.
So we were about to talk on Officiality and how to tell someone to your point of interest or we can say favourite topic so as to get more attention.

In daily life, we wake up at early in the morning and start our daily routine as recommended but somehow we still lag by some.
In everyday life for all whether it is a college student or any professional worker or company owner.
They have some standing due to their hard work in a human race.

But Don't be a nut.
here I'm giving you an example of how would you narrate your favourite topic to another or in a bunch of professional peoples.

So I would rather choose a topic which would be my favourite season.
Gaze properly please and follow it in your office/college to look something mature.

My Favorite Season:

The season I love most, the season that makes me happy, the season that put an evil smile on my face  and the season that let you shrink in the quilt and under the quilt, you can operate your phones
sometime in that season, I used to put my hands on the dorsal side of the neck of others and people Get start vibrating and irritating and at last the season that gives me a beautiful feeling after pee is winter season.

This is how the modern era peoples and pupils follow.
I think you will endorse this.
No one can forbid these Criteria of Narration.

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