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Electrical Vehicles

Image by (Joenomias) Menno de Jong from Pixabay 

On seeing at the increasing amount of pollution throughout the world, the automobile companies have decided that they will focus on electrical vehicles and they are focusing on it.

In the viewpoint of experts, electronic vehicles are being revolutionized the Era.
Now the batteries that are being fixed in two-wheelers became so compact.
we can charge these batteries simply either in the home or in office. that's why companies are prioritising electrical vehicles.

And on the other side, charging stations are being made for the car and three wheelers.
On around 100 charging stations are in Delhi where electric cars can be charged up.
On an increasing demand, the no. of charging stations will also be increased
and since the last two years, the demand for electrical bike and scooty have already increased.

Although in India, there is no electrical car for normal men.
while many companies are working on it and will launch their products very soon.
many companies will launch E-car in an ongoing year or in this year.

Director of the society of manufacturing of electrical vehicles General Sohinder Gill has already told that people are more intended towards two-wheelers as compared to the electric car.

The demand of 25km/hr two-wheeler is more in the new markets.

On one time full charging these vehicles can run 35 to 40 km. and this is something known as the range of electrical vehicle

Merits and demerits:

  • Experts tell that electrical vehicle gives more benefit to the consumer as compared to other class of vehicles
  • And it has achieved a legacy in Ringing Cast, maintenance, and Eco-friendly.
  • There is no issue with the vehicles who run on the 1KW battery. On the other hand, where it is noticed that on the time of dysfunctioning of 2kw battery vehicles, they need more expense and the owner of the vehicle will have to pay it.
  • If some issue happens after 3-4 year of the warranty period so both of the battery will have to replace.
  • The cost of 2kw lithium-ion battery is Rs 40,000 to 50,000.

Govt. gives subsidies to the vehicles with Lithium-ion battery 

For the time being, the government gives 22 thousand rupees subsidies to vehicles with Lithium-ion battery.
This subsidy is based on the watts of power consumed by a particular vehicle.
Assume if the 1kw battery is fixed in a scooter so it would get the subsidy of Rs 10,000 and for 2kw it would be 20,000 Rs.
On the basis of these terms, the scooter range should be 80km otherwise it would not get the subsidy.

There are three types of chargers:

According to Indian guidelines, a charging station must have these chargers:
  1. CHAdeMO
  2. CCH
Image by Stan Petersen from Pixabay 

Battery charging costs less than Rs 20 

On charging, two-wheeler 1 -1.5 unit is consumed and for four-wheelers, a 3-4 unit of electricity is consumed.
It costs 20 to 30 rupee on full charging a two-wheeler while 60 -70 rupee for four wheelers.
If an electrical vehicle is charged at home so the cost will even less than that in charging on stations.
and there is no need for a special connection of electricity for charging the electric vehicles at your home.
On average there is 2 -3kw normal supply available for houses.
If the wiring of your house is of the good quality & brand so you can easily charge your E-vehicle.

3-4 Year Warranty

There is a great importance of battery for e- vehicles.
And the warranty for two-wheeler is of 3-4 years and it costs 30 to 40 thousands while in the cars 14 -18 KW battery is used.
and it costs half of the car's price.
for example, if the cost of a car is 8 lakh so the battery price would be 4 lakh.

Keep These Things in Mind

  • Battery should be check once in every 6 months in the service centre.
  • Only do repair the vehicle at the service centre on the deterioration of the vehicle 
  • On increasing speed again and again or at the same use of break could cause overheat to the battery. 

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