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Why is it necessary to Save Electricity?

As we all know how electricity is important for us. and now it is becoming a daily need of our life and the whole world totally depends upon electricity. Now we can't imagine our life without electricity and this electricity led to advancement in technology and in science fields and in so many sectors that I can't explain just in this simple blog. Peoples daily go to their office, schools and in their company. what they use most? Electricity.

The whole world is totally depended on electricity.
City Lighting
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Electricity is an important source of energy in Morden time. Electricity is being used in our homes, in industry and transport.
For example, electricity is used in our homes for lighting, operating fans and heating purpose.
In industry, electricity is used to run various types of machines and
In the transport sector, electricity is being used to pull electric trains.
Also, the whole world is now connected to the internet and suppose if there is no electricity to operate the internet system so what would we do?
we also know that every information whether it is small or big is being shared across the internet and there is much more to talk about the internet [A big hub of data collection and news share all over around the world] but our main concern is electricity.

We daily use electricity, have we ever thought of how is it generates? and From where it comes from? 
Now we will discuss on these major topics.

Power Station for generating electricity
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There is so many power plant for generating thousands of KW electric energy (or electricity) throughout the world according to the needs of the population. and we are extensively using electricity. and even we don't care about this extensive use. we don't even think about how to save electricity. we should think about it and make it sustainable, so our next generation can use this resource adequately.

If we talk about sources of energy so there are Limited source available for now.

Electric energy (or electricity ) is used for lighting bulbs and tubes, and to run radio, television, household appliances, electric trains and factory machines. In fact, all our everyday activities use energy in one form or the other. And if there is no energy, all our activity will come to a stop. For example; if there is no energy, we won't be able to cook food, if there is no energy, we won't be able to run cars, buses, trucks, trains, and Aeroplanes. and if there is no energy, we won't be able to run machines in factories, power plants or pump-sets in agriculture. so energy is essential for our survival in the world.

You know, How such a large amount of electricity is being produced?

We produce a major part of our electricity by burning fossil fuel and nuclear power plants. I won't go to Deep.

Generally, There are two types of sources of energy one is renewable and other is non -renewable.

I will just simply define them as:

Renewable - The sources which can be used again and again.

e.g. solar energy (uses solar cell); energy from the sea (sea wave energy, tidal energy and ocean thermal energy); wind energy; geothermal energy; biomass energy (energy from bio-fuel such as wood, biogas and alcohol); hydro energy and hydrogen.

Non-Renewable-The sources of energy that are not easy to use and only can use once in the big time interval that means we can not use them again & again.

e.g. fossil fuel(coal, petroleum and natural gas),and nuclear fuels(such as uranium).

Transformation of non -renewable sources into fuel nearly takes billion or trillion years of the time period.

The use of non-renewable sources of energy causes pollution (like burning fossil fuel that leads to climate change ) that is so harmful to human life and the nuclear waste is most dangerous that is ever estimated and radiation emits from nuclear power plant are so harmful and the land where these plants are being fixed has become barren and no population/agriculture can survive in that  kind of harsh condition and they are implemented far from living human zone.

The land, where nuclear plants are being fixed, became barren and no population/agriculture can survive in that kind of harsh condition. Image by Dominique Devroye from Pixabay 

By keeping these all thing in mind we can give our attribution in saving electricity

 Now I'm going to tell, how can we save electricity.
  1. In the day time, we can use sunlight energy instead of electric bulbs
  2. Switch off the light and fan after use. 
  3. You can open the window for fresh air/sunshine instead of using Ac or fan.
  4. Change your CFL bulb by low power consuming LED bulb.
  5. Implement a solar panel in your house. It would be great and it is a one-time investment.
  6. Turn off entertainment device when not in use{Tv, game system etc.}
  7. Unplug all the switches after use.

Lamp Technology
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These were the tips that you should follow at your home.
I know it would take some time to the establishment but it is not impossible.

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