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Why viral apps like Tik Tok are not able to Develop or grow in India.

Why isn't an app like Tic Tok being unable developed in India, which are grabbed by world hand to hand?
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The ByteDance ( ByteDance or Beijing Bytedance Technology Co Ltd. is a Chinese internet technology company operating several machine learning-enabled content platforms, headquartered in Beijing  and was founded by Zhang Yiming in 2012 ) companies had been  developed the Tik Tok for prioritizing the short videos and after just 9 months of launching it in September 2018 it  had grabbed more than 20 crores of Indian users

It has a 12 crore monthly active user base. There are 2.3 -3 crores user are in India of Helo and Vigo app of Bytedance.

when it comes on the global level so Bytedance has a user base of 1 billion. and the very nearest app which achieved this legacy is share chat by India. This user-generated content-based app had an active user base of approx 4 crores in January 2019. ET (Economics Times ) had a conversation with intellects who like to invest in technology and has an eye on industries.

They told 3 reasons why an app like this not able to grow in India.

1. The app which is supposed to be viral needs a high amount of money to invest. 72 billion dollars of Bytedance is weighted. Ashok Kumar, CEO of Scripbox company, which was started in 2012 said, that investors till now depended on the foreign company for working on their idea and the main base of work is that . " the things which are working there, would also be work here. There is a great hurdle of money to get accepted by the mass scale of these ideas. PWC leader of India (Innovation and Startup) Murali Talasila said 'it takes a lot of money in starting a B2C business. Even there has a need for a big venture. Investment in the Indian company is coming from a very traditional source and they don't have an endurance of taking a big risk.

2. There is no benefit of mass scaling of entertainment or user-generated content which is focused by the digital app in India because the owners of these apps make money by advertising their app. According to GroupM, the market of advertising in India is of approx 10.5 billion dollars and the expenditure on digital ads is less than of its 30%. According to e-market, ad market in China is of 80 billion dollars. and there is an expectation that in 2019 the digital ad market of America along would be 130 billion dollars. while in India, half of the population is not yet online.

3. Mostly Indian internet business idea is being developed on keeping in mind the problems of the country and also there is copying of the ideas which are already succeeded in outsider/ foreign country, while investors seem them less risky.


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