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Measure the magnetic field of electromagnet using Gauss & Tesla meter and the InAs probe.


Aim: To measure the magnetic field of electromagnet using Gauss & tesla meter and InAs probe 

Note: You will have to download this manual to perform the experiment.

Apparatus :

1. Gauss and tesla meter NV621
3. PC interference S/W (NV621)
4. Hall Probe (InAs)
5. constant current power supply NV623


1. Connect the InAs probe and switch on the gauss and tesla meter.
2. Connect RS-232 cable b/w PC and gauss &tesla meter.
3. Adjust zero reading on display by zero adjust potentiometer and keep range selector switch at X1 position.
4. Switch on the power supply &set some low value of current  (NV623)
5. Keep hall probe b/w the electromagnet such that the flat face (inner part of the shielded probe ) of the probe is kept perpendicular to the direction magnetic field. Note the strength of the magnetic field. (keep distance b/w pole approximately 32mm)
6. Increase the current from the constant current power supply and note the value of corresponding magnetic field .if the magnetic field is greater than 2K gauss then the metre will indicate the over range For its measurement keep the selector switch atX10 position and note the value of the magnetic field.
7. Now multiply the display reading by 10 to get the magnetic fields strength in both gauss &tealsa.

Observation & calculation:


Measurement the magnetic field of electromagnet using Gauss &tesla meter and InAs probe has been done.

Expt - 5B

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