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Problematic Questions of 11th Class Physics Part -1 Chapter - 1 II CBSE

Q1. Define the term science. Write it's typed.

Q2. What is physics?

Q3. What is classical and modern physics?

Q4. Write the type of classical physics. And explain each of it.

Q5. Write the type of modern physics. And also explain each of it. many fundamental forces in nature .write a small note on each.

Q7. What is the so-called scientific method?

Q8. What do you mean by reductionism? And why is at the heart of physics.

Q9. Define unit and measurement?

Q10. What is the physical quantity? Write its type and explain each with suitable examples.

Q11. Explain the international system of the unit.

Q12.define one light-year.

Q13.  What is parallax? And can we use it for length measurement? Also, define the parallax angle or parallactic angle.

Q14. Define error, accuracy and precision. And what precision tells us.

Q15. What are the systematic errors? Give some sources of systematic errors, and explain each.

Q16. What are random errors? Write a small note on it.

Q17.what is least count error. Explain?

Q18. What are the absolute, relative and percentage errors? And solve e.g2.7 of NCERT book page no.25.

Q19. Make a note on the combination of errors.

Q20. What do you mean by significant figures? And give its rules to calculate no. of significant figures.

Q21. What do you mean by round off? And write the rules of rounding off.

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