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What are the moral values and Why should we maintain Morality in our Life.

I was being asked, are we losing or forgetting our moral values?

Last night I was thinking of moral value and I was mesmerizing that am I keep forgetting or forsaking my moral value. and I found no, of course not.

Moral values depend on perception and the way of thinking of an individual. and it's mean to keep changing by topic on which we are discussing on.

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1st of all I would like to tell you, what is morality or moral value.

Morality is some behaviour or value that people think is right.
people are fully obsessed with their path of creating something new for themselves. people work with their seniors and juniors. so molar value tells that how should they behave to them and respect them.

sometimes we have to be rude to someone but it's okay. Let it happen.

Also, I wanna tell you immorality (It is just opposite of morality ). morality is a sleazy thing for
peoples with rude behaviour and they don't respect anyone else except themselves.
Some times we antagonized with peoples just because of our rude behaviour to them.

On this topic, Last night I did some research. and also had discussed with some Redditors when I asked them

  "Are we forgetting our moral values?
 As we can see throughout history or just a 30 to 40 years ago that how we used to respect our elders.

One of them said :

Boomers (The one who born in today's Era (21st century) but he thinks in old ways as if he were born in the 20th  century  ) created and defend this way of life.  I cannot respect that . on top of that, people feel entitled to respect, even when they're horrible to those around themselves. respect has to be earned, it's not free. projection feeds those who claim 'millennials' are entitled.

Also, the news makes retarded claims about 'millennials' are talking about teens. Millennials were born 1989-1995 when I last checked, so teens don't qualify.

And my opinion on this topic was likewise shown below.

The way we treat our elders or teachers or anyone else who falls into this category. We treat them like they deserve or it depends on individual to individual the way he or she interacts with them if a person seems to be nice so we respect them or if the same person seems too rude to another one so that person will always be envy to the person he was rude with. It is because they earned that shit.
It's only the perception and we all know that respect is meant to be earned. The way my teacher or elder respond/reply to me, you have been always beheld that at the same time and the same tone I will respond /reply to him, it depends on the situation. if he will talk politely to me so I would love to talk to him in the same way but if he talks arrogantly then he doesn't know what is coming to him.

I think we should only follow those moral values who don't put any boundation to our life.
Lest we do not forget our moral Values

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