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Era of 4K Streaming & Gaming !! Tips, Tricks & Ideas

Do you want to be Entertained or Just want wacky stuff?

Have you ever had an experience of Video streaming, oh of course you had!

Image by Jan Tůma from Pixabay

For better user experience of video streaming, you can use ChromeCast, Fire TV Stick or Apple TV. If your Tv is not smart so no matter, you can make your Tv smart with the help of these tools.

Google Chromecast

In Chromecast, you can stream videos as well as Play Games. On searching 'Chromecast games' on play store you will find  Tankcast, Doodlecast, Dinoh family games or Just Dance Now.

For play these games, you can utilise tv screen and smartphone as a controller.
If your tv possesses the HDMI-CEC [consumer electronic controll] support so this can be controlled by using Chromecast.
for this you will have to enable HDMI-CEC feature in your TV then after removing your tv from sleep mode then you have to start Chromecast & go to an input source. yes, you will need Wifi /Hotstop for connection between Chromecast & phone.

You can connect it everywhere like iPhone,iPad, Android phone, mac & windows laptop, Chromebook & tablet.

Fire TV Stick

It's just like a Treasure in your Pocket. You can stream two types of video streaming anywhere & everywhere in any compactable TV.
If you want to run any other app except those which are already installed in fire stick so you can install android apps!
For that, you will have to enable ABD debugging and in your android phone, you will have to install EG fire tools & will have to give permission "Apps from Unknown source " to your TV.
For this, you will also have to Copy the IP address of TV to your Phone & Enjoy TaDa...'

The official Fire TV remote is now easily available on Amazone for both iOS and Android.
And the Offical amount to buy a Frie stick is 5999 Rupees!

People are obsessed with this, cause of so many Qualities in it.
It is available in both 32GB and 64GB.
And its initial price is 173,40 Rupees.
For video streaming, Apple TV is no needs to appear. that's why you can place it inside the cabinet or you can use Mount for sticking it to TV. And you can fix it on the wall too as per your preference.

Instead of Infrared, they will give you radiofrequency Remote. It will run smoothly even after any error/connection problem between Apple TV  &  Remote.

There would be soon a new update (OS13) come for apple Tv.

They will give you features like full-screen video preview, picture-in-picture,multi-user support & Xbox/PS4 game controllers.

In picture-in-picture mode, you can watch videos while you're searching in a different App.
and in multi-user support, every user will get a customized Interface.
Beta version has come. The final version will come soon.


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