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How to get a girlfriend

Have you ever been in love?
If not, then this post is must for you.

Image by Angela Yuriko Smith from Pixabay 

You know why we fall in love? 

Let's take a look in our past when we were children. At the age before teenage, all were same (Boy & girls). we all were friends together, played together & we slept together. And so we were obsessed with creating our own path and then what happens when we just fall in the teenage (specially 15-19 ). we got started to attract to the opposite gender.
Girls started to look Hot & their Boobs start to grow (I love Busty + Thick). And for those boobs, every guy would love to Die ( Aahhh Heaven).

More often, these things (You know what I'm saying) come in our mind cause of adult movies (We can easily learn things by mobilization. This is the best method of learning. ) and then we start thinking about girls that we should at least have a girlfriend.

At the age of teenage, you might have seen a sex appealing Girl (Bhai Kya Maal Hai) and then there is a slip of your tongue wow sex Bomb.
In that moment she cast a spell on you.
or if somehow you got eye contact with her then you start losing yourself and then you start sending feeler even after you know she is beyond your standing or you know she is not interested in you ( Par kya Frk Padta hai Gund To har Jageh Machana h) but you keep doing that until she goes.

People & My friends often ask how to get a girlfriend (Bhai Ladki Patva De).
You want a girl? you naughty boy, winter is coming, you need to get a Gf and smoke & Drink.

How can we get a girl? or how to coax a girl?

There is no secret but it's just a way you are and the way she thinks about you.
You know, you're not a stud guy to whom girls are flat & drools. so how would you get a girlfriend of your choice? huh?

Now you will know:

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

We can only coax a girl if she & you live in the same place, study at the same institute or college etc. means you stay at the same point.

A girl sitting right before you and then you wink and she passes you a loving & accepting smile. By just looking at her lily face you fall in love with her. then you go to her like a gentleman ( Don't be shy or in either way don't be so Ridiculous ) and don't pop the vulgar jokes that will show, who you are, just be innocent in that moment & trustworthy, more important don't be the laughing stock. then elevate your voice & say whatever you want to say and if there any confession then say I mean it. I'm the man of my words. that's it she's yours. then date extra...

Hey, Boy Don't be the One who got rejected and Saturnine. Move on Boy, Move On. Be The BADASS ONE

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