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How to become Handsome & Attractive: 10 Hacks for Men - Get a Sexy Girl

Last time, in my blog post

I wrote these things on the topic of how to get  a girlfriend:

We can only coax a girl if she & you live in the same place, study at the same institute or college etc. means you stay at the same point.

A girl sitting right before you and then you wink and she passes you a loving & accepting smile. By just looking at her lily face you fall in love with her. then you go to her like a gentleman ( Don't be shy or in either way don't be so Ridiculous ) and don't pop the vulgar jokes that will show, who you are, just be innocent in that moment & trustworthy, more important don't be the laughing stock. then elevate your voice & say whatever you want to say and if there any confession then say I mean it. I'm the man of my words. that's it she's yours. then date extra...

Then the question arises, Is that it? Is it all?

All you need is just invest 10 minutes time in here to read this completely.

The answer is clearly No (It was more like a fantasy movie). But the thing I wrote was another scenario & that was suitable for that.

So how will really get a girlfriend?

I have already said that you're not a stud guy.

Now, What the girls like most in Boys Or how should you be prepared for that?

Let's Discuss:

First How will you become more attractive or if you are not attractive so How? This is the questions whose answer that all of the men really want to know...

Now I'm gonna share the answer with you when it comes to the desire to be a handsome fella that the ladies gaze at.

Look I'm not the guy who is a stud, maybe I used to be or maybe I am. but I don't have guts to confront a girl. Cause of lake of confidence or fear of rejection. but we must attempt to a girl. Maybe she is already into you.

Nowadays my personality is not left so good (I got skinny) because of the Addiction to bad things (You know the BAD, Very BAD). I'm not gonna reveal those all of the bad things here, what if my family member will come to know about these bad things that made me ugly, they would probably kick my ass.

Now I play a lot of Basketball with my college friends (specially Sparsh) in the damn hard sunshine. You know the damn reactions of UV radiation, then skin burn has taken place, my face got tanned and my hands got pigmentation the final result is that I got dark but I'm not ugly at all, also on other hands, it has become a trend to get a  tan and to look like a chocolate Muffin. I have a girlfriend who loves the way I am and for whom I have to maintain my handsomeness.

It is definitely no secret that too much sunlight is poison for your skin. It not only causes skin cancer but it also accelerates the ageing process tremendously. Unless you want to look like a burned toast, You should stop worshipping the sun.

Now have a look at these points :

1. Hairstyle

If you don't feel handsome, It might be because your hair looks like a mess.
But be careful. Don't just gel any hairstyle. Get one that looks good on you.

I would look like a giant baby if I would have very short hair and Bruce Willis would probably look like a retard if he would have my hairstyle. Makeup your Brain before you get the scissors.

2. Your Hygiene is the matter that Fact

When it comes to women your hygiene matters most and plays an important role.

No women want to sit next to a guy whose armpits smell like the garlic paste he ate the day before. No women want to kiss a guy whose mouth smells like a cigarette that was dipped in a five-day-old coffee. No women want to go down on a guy whose drumstick smells and look like a German Cheese factory.

You probably don't want to hear it, but your mom was right when she told you that you should wash your ears. I'll go even a step further and will tell you that you have to clean your whole body. And don't you dare to forget to clean Your ass & Your balls.

Oh, and one more tip: If you pee under the shower (I know you do), the whole " I smell so nice" effect will be gone within seconds.

Image by William Adams from Pixabay

3. Perfume &  Deodorant.

You might have to ask yourself the following question:

"I shower every day, but my armpit still smells like a chemical weapon. what do I do wrong?"

You should use a perfect perfume that suits you (I use Nycil Powder: Germ expert Classic 'cause I'm still a teenager with one year left to leave this age)

Image by Luis Wilker Perelo WilkerNet from Pixabay 

4.  Beards makes you Sexy.

It's time to trim that thing!

Nope, I am not talking about your pubic hair, even though removing them is also a very good idea.
I am talking about the forest that you have on your face.

No women want to choke fur balls after she kisses you.

She also doesn't want to fight her way through leftovers from your lunch. Take care of your woman by taking care of your beard.

Image by Vlad Vasnetsov from Pixabay 

5. Your Teeth play a Goddamn Role to have a Kiss

Besides your eyes, your teeth are the first thing a woman sees when you approach her. Make sure that the first impression doesn't cause any nausea.

Protect them, cherish them and especially.. brush them!

Don't just take your toothbrush and rub over them for 2 seconds. Use toothpaste and leave that goddamn thing in your mouth for at least 3 minutes. Do that three times a day and you won't have any problem.

6. Cracked Skin

You should at least moisturize your skin once in a day.

I can tell you from my own experience that women prefer touching a man with healthy skin over destroying their lips by kissing tree bark.

Now that you have a good-looking beard, white teeth and a healthy skin that doesn't look like a warzone, you just have to make sure that you don't look like the McDonalds M.

7. Unhealthy to a Healthy Habit.

Now you know it, and now is the time to think about whether or not your habits are increasing your attractiveness or making you look like a lazy fart who has given up on life. The sad truth is that most men have habits that are anything but healthy

You shouldn't eat junk food all the time, at least not if you want to look more handsome. Getting fat like a sumo wrestler might be attractive in some part of Japan, but it won't help you in all other parts of the world. TBH, unless you actually become famous sumo wrestler it won't even help you in Japan.

Image by (Joenomias) Menno de Jong from Pixabay 

8. Dressing Style may also help you to get a Girl.

The tricky thing about dressing up is that your clothes have the potential to make you more handsome, but there it always depends on the woman who is looking at you.

In case you want to attract materialistic girls who are into high-status men. you can, of course, run around with a suit and an expensive watch. If you, however, are attracted to hippie girls, long hair and sandals are the better solutions.

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay 

9. Have some manners You Jerk!

No women want to date a submissive nice guy who behaves like a well-trained puppy. However, that doesn't change the fact that women want to go out with men who know how to behave in social situations. The last thing she wants is to worry about whether or not you will ruin the wedding of her big sister.

As a man who wants to attract educated and well-mannered women who don't burp and fart every few seconds, You has to represent the same qualities.

Otherwise, she'll lose interest in a heartbeat.

Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay 

10. These Nails won't Get in My Pussy!

Please look at your nails and answer the following question:

Does she want me to nail her with these nails?

If they are dirty, too long, or otherwise broken and damaged the obvious answer is "No".

When it comes to her desire to sleep with you, the way your fingernails look is extremely important. No girl wants to have sex with a guy whose nails look like a cracked wall and the reason for that is pretty simple.

She knows that your nails will eventually land in her pussy.

In case you are a Virgin and You don't know anything about the vagina, I see myself forced to share two facts with you.

The vagina is...

A: Soft

B: Sensitive

The vagina doesn't want to get nasty infections through dirty nails and It also doesn't want to get hurt by nails that are too long. Cut your claws before you finger her to orgasm and she will be happy to please you.

What? You don't think you have? What it takes to get her in bed?

She'll undress herself if you use these techniques...

Image by Couleur from Pixabay 

Summed Up Wisdom

  • Take a shower.
  • Use the right perfume.
  • Brush your teeth.
  • cut your beard.
  • Use moisturizer ( not gay at all).
  • Change your habits.
  • Adjust your diet. 
  • Get the right Clothes.
  • Get some manners.
  • Get enough beauty sleep.
  • Work on your posture. 
  • Buy the right shoes.
  • Cut your nails.
My Big Brother always says to me You are not Ugly , You're just "Gareeb".

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