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How to Fix Google AdSense Invalid Traffic concerns?

One of the most trending problems is the Google AdSense has been working on its website traffic tracking tool since so far and now they have unblocked the achievement. now they can easily get the information on any website throughout the internet.and can track the potential of any website either they have invalid traffic or valid traffic.

Why did They do That?

Because they want the advertisers must get the real values & Promotion of what they have paid Google AdSense service provider, so as to advertiser/AdSense team may not be fooled by fake users/hackers.

Most of the Blogger may have got this Gmail Notification:

Also, there is the same notification at the same moment in your Google AdSense account:

Blogger you don't need to worry about this notification, maybe you got panic because your website isn't showing ads. You just have to wait until they fully review your website  (approx 5-6 days).

They have just limited the ads on your website they didn't block your  AdSense Account.


The problem is because that you by mistakenly placed ad code to your website that doesn't possess the valid implementation criteria and also the user/publisher clicks his/her own website's ads or may have asked for the same.

What to do Now?

This new tool by Google AdSense is so much powerful & strict to its policy.

  • Be sure that your content must be original.
  • No copyright content/Photos.
  • Real traffic.
  • No purchasing of traffic/views or click to ads.

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  1. Some people are still waiting even after two weeks. any update so far?