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The girl I met on a Train - A Dream Story.

It's A dream storytelling.

We all watch dreams. Do we?
We all have had a great time in our life. we all are blissfull & our life is so bliss.
Its a gift of God to us.

There is much more to say about the things we don't know and the things we don't understand, we were keep roaming and we still do. But we can't get the answer until we won't come out of this pinky pond of the life of we think upon.

Actually, you all need to introspect yourself to understand the meaning of life and enlightenment which is poured in each and every tiniest particle of you & of the world.

I don't really want to keep you in a whole mess. I'm gonna just tell you the 'dream telling' but don't forget, You to just seem it as a poem/story.

Its a dream I never wanna get out.

Last night I got a dream in my mind. In that dream, I show a beautiful girl who is sat just before me.
and the point came when we did eye-contact for a short time. I was totally upon her. she cast a spell on me.

I was thinking if she had mine so I would have loved her a lot, like no one left on this earth.

And then I stepped out of the train, on a station. I will never know what was that, where would I go & where was I?

Then I again board the train and I saw the girl is not there. I turned my eye and she had just sat next to a woman who just wanted a small space to sit but that seat was mine and I let her sit.

After some time the woman said to me that you can sit here. we can make the adjustment (Between the Women and that Girl) but really that was so tight to sit there and I was enjoying. because I sat next to a girl to whom I fell in love at the first sight, then I knowingly started swept my leg with strong wrong intentions and got what I wanted (means I'm sexually horny) and her lower thigh was just upon my upper one.

Then, fortunately, she had seen something in me and started kissing me and that kiss was such a bliss. I started realizing heaven & I got a strong feeling that she is my soulmate.

For instance, I felt like there was nothing before her and will nothing after her ( Means A true soulmate ).

Finally, Bhopal came and she meant to deboard there and I too, because it was her homeland, the main thing, she was not travelling alone, she was with her mother & aunt.
I don't know why I deboarded with her on Bhopal. There was no one who knows me there and the thing was that I was still with her & her mom, aunt...

She was so pretty, sweat & cute.

She brought me her home, at that moment her father was distributing Holy eating Material. She was enough lovely & joyful girl that she took one for me.

I was so happy, we were meant to be with each other and for each other.

Then I realized that I already have a girlfriend in Delhi. All of that I was feelin' so blessed.

How beautiful it is that both of them are very very beautiful and How blessed I am, havin' both of them.

On the basis of free mood and my vocabulary, I could make it simple or joyful or you need to just edit it to your own patent on it make it as wonderful as you can. but it won't change the fact that its mine story of a dream well.

I got No vision . There was no dicision.

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