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Brain gets messed up when you hear these mess up phrases

Do not think you are the only one who is going through shit!
so stop complaining...

Do not eat shit!
if it looks like shit, smells like shit, and tastes like shit, it is shit.

People talk shit, eat shit. But now I'm gonna put an end on that shit.

Image by wolfseyn from Pixabay 

There are so many verbal nonsenses I'm going through.
We all are using slags or short phrases that we ever heard via anything (living or non-living personality). and now it's becoming the part of daily life. Well, that's a mess, not at all a mess but mess when I heard them in a loop.

Akon of semiconductor always says to us this phrase while we had to have an exam or Lab.

Take care of your valuables:

It sounds creepy to me. Do I look that dumb? Take care that I didn't knock you down on this. Don't take it personally.

To be honest (Tbh): 

I  use this one a lot. Well, not anymore. If you say 'to be honest' before saying anything else, Are you suggesting that you are normally dishonest in other things you say?

The first impression is the last impression:

Do I look jerk to you, Won't you be giving others your best at your first time? Well, that's Okay you said it. I'm not gonna teach you lessons here.

I'm only the one:

Did I say you are two or double?  or Are you just non-functioning appendix.

What's up?:

Ha! All 'cool' dudes greeting everyone by saying 'wassup', Please come here. Tell me what the hell you want the other person to answer. what could possibly be up? the Clock? The dick?
Anyway, Tell me one thing. Am I a pervert or does this question sound a bit obscene to anyone else too?

You know what I mean:

No! Actually, I have heard everything you said, I got everything, of course, THE MEANING.
but anyhow you will say it wouldn't you?

How do you do?:

How do I do what? For God's sake, this doesn't even seem like a grammatically complete or correct sentence, and yeah, obscene again. Oh, Lord pick this fuck up!

Are you coming, or what?:

What, What? What was the need to add ' or what' here? Are you crazy or what?

It is what it is:

Wah, wah. Yeh hui na baat. It is = It is. You are a mathematician, sir. Respect.

I'm afraid I cant:

Bache, It's Okay if you can't. What are you afraid of?
koi maarega?

 I Saw it with 'my own' eyes:

Oh, shit. Have you been seeing things in your entire life via your grampa's eyes?

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